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Each training session time frame varies from if your child/athlete purchases an individual 1 on 1/group session which is a one hour time frame or a package training session which is one hour and 10 minutes of training. 

Here at JED Training we take both Elite, Intermediate and beginner athletes from any sport they play. In fact we’ve seen our beginner athletes progress into great players & make impacts on their perspective teams. 

Parents & their perspective trainer that is working with their child will reach out on a weekly basis to schedule their child’s next session. Our trainers communicate with all of our parents on a regular basis to find a day/time that works best for both sides. 

We start as early as 5 years old and all the way to Collegiate players. 

You do not have to be in great shape to start training with us, in fact we offer personalized training programs that offer programs that are tailored to the level of the athlete, we progress all of our athletes safely and intelligently through our scientific & experienced training philosophy.

Fill out our evaluation form or contact us via our company cell or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We get back to all of our potential clients!

NO, we do not provide refunds.

Yes there is a $12 cancellation fee, if a member of our team is not informed within 24 hours of the scheduled training session. But of course some last minute cancellations can be at the discretion of the trainer, for example if it is a family emergency or an unforeseen event, but we ask you please DO NOT misuse our trainers time and schedules. 

They will just need cleats, plenty of water, sometimes according to the game plan of the trainer that day —which would be informed with you ahead of time; some running shoes and last but not least a GREAT ATTITUDE! 

We recommend a small/light meal packed with carbohydrates, some veggies or fruits. For example, a pasta or a healthy sandwich! 

Contact us & we will provide you with all the information regarding these questions. 

Typically you have a one month and a half max time frame to complete your package, of course some time frames vary on the package you purchase with your trainer and some exceptions can be made according to the discretion of your sports trainer. The one month and a half time frame is usually more than enough for athletes to complete their Sports training package. 

No we train all sports athletes outside of football. For example we train soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis and even lacrosse athletes when it comes to getting these athletes more athletic overall; in terms of speed, running mechanics, agility/quickness, overall body shape & vertical/horizontal jumping ability.

No, all package payments are to be paid in full, prior to the training session or day of the first training session. Same rules would apply when it comes to the renewal of the next training package. 

Yes we offer gym plans and online workout plans for everyone whether you are looking to start on your team and make an impact or if you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life, we have you covered. 

Contact us now via our company cell or company email. Feel free to text us if we miss your phone call and let us know why you’re reaching out to us, so we can guide you in the proper direction to one of our team members here at JED. 


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