Tournament Rules for 6 v 6

Age Division: 14-16u Coed

Field size: 70 by 30- End zones (10 yards) 

The First Down is at midfield.

Time-frame: Games are played on a 26 minute continuous clock with two 13-minute halves, 35-second play clocks and two timeouts per game. There is also a 1 minute mark of the second half where the clock then becomes a Pro-Clock, meaning the clock will stop on incomplete passes, players running out of bounce and penalties. 

Halftime will be a 4 to 5 minute break but can be shorter according to the discretion of the referee. 

We have extended the play clock an extra ten seconds, that is why it is a 35-second play clock, because some teams will be playing together for the first time. 


– Coin toss decides which team will get the ball or what the winner of the coin toss will elect to do

The loser of the coin toss has the choice of direction, possession changes to start the second half to the team that started the game on defense.

Each team will start with the ball on its 5 yard line.

– 4 downs to get a First down

– 3 downs to score a touchdown once you have passed the first down marker

You will have 4 downs to cross midfield HOWEVER if the offense elects to go for it on fourth down rather than choosing to punt (a punt means the other team gets there ball at its own 5 yard line) then it will be turnover on downs on whatever yard line the team was at. 

If you cross midfield you have three downs to score and if you don’t score on the third down, the other team will get the ball back at its 5 yard line.  

-There will be a rusher that is allowed to rush every single play 

– Rusher will be 11 yards back at this tournament 

– A special marker or the referee, will designate a rush line 11 yards from the line of scrimmage. Defensive players should verify they are in the correct position with the official on every play. 

– Players not rushing the quarterback can defend on the line of scrimmage. 

– Quarterbacks will be given a 7 second pass clock to release the ball, whether they are blitzed by a rusher or not. 

– Quarterbacks can not run unless they are given a handoff, then they have the choice to run and even throw if they are behind the line of scrimmage.

– Quarterbacks who are given a handoff have unlimited time to throw behind the line of scrimmage until their flag is pulled by a defender of the opposing team. So once the ball is handed off, the 7-second rule is no longer in effect.

– Quarterbacks may throw the ball away to avoid a sack, however the pass must go beyond the line of scrimmage.

– Any player who receives a handoff can throw the ball from behind the line of scrimmage. 

– Only one player is allowed in motion at a time.

– Shovel passes are allowed but must be received beyond the line of scrimmage. 

– There are no laterals or pitches allowed.

– There are no double passes allowed. 

– There is no blocking allowed.

– Once a ball has been handed off all defensive players are eligible to rush.

– In this tournament, you are allowed to jump to avoid your flag being pulled in any shape or form.

– All jerseys must be tucked in before play begins, the flags must be on the players hips and free from obstruction.

– A touchdown is worth 6 points and an extra point from the five yard line is worth 1 point. Any team can go for a 2 point conversion but the ball will be placed at the 10 yard line.

– Interceptions are returnable on conversions after touchdowns as well and are worth (2 points).

-There is a no run zone, which are located 5 yards before each end zone and 5 yards on either side of the midfield (First down marker) and are designed to avoid short-yardage power-running situations. REMINDER: Each offensive team approaches only TWO no-run zones in each drive- one 5 yards from midfield to gain the first down and one 5 yards from the goal line to score a TD.



MINUS two penalties there are no penalties at this tournament for excessive celebration, you made the play or scored a touchdown, you and your teammates DESERVE to CELEBRATE.*We just ask you keep it cordial and behave maturely please with opposing players*

Also NO PENALTY for players jumping in any shape or form or diving.


Pool Play Rules:

– Teams will play a minimum of three games in pool play. 

– Teams must start a game with a minimum of six players, in the event of an injury, a team with insufficient substitute players may play with five players on the field but no fewer than five. 

Overtime rules:

Overtime rules are as followed below.

Overall Tournament Tie Breakers:
  1. Two teams tied for one place.
  2. Head-to-head competition 
  3. Total points allowed during tournament play
  4. Total points scored during tournament play 
  5. Coin toss
Playoffs and Championship:
  1. Playoff and championship games will be scheduled after pool play results are received and confirmed.
  2. Playoff rounds are single game elimination.
  3. Playoff seeding are determined by: 

  4. Overall record
    Points allowed
    Points scored 
    Coin toss

  1. The number of teams that advance to the playoffs is to be determined because teams and players are still in the process of registering, once teams are finalized the number of teams that advance will be updated here at the Tournament rules link on the website.
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